Bayesian algorithm for video noise reduction in the wavelet domain

  title={Bayesian algorithm for video noise reduction in the wavelet domain},
  author={Nikhil Gupta and M. N. Shanmukha Swamy and Eugene I. Plotkin},
  journal={2005 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems},
  pages={4943-4946 Vol. 5}
The paper proposes a Bayesian algorithm for the reduction of additive video noise in the wavelet domain. Spatial and temporal redundancies that exist in a video sequence in the time domain also persist in the wavelet domain. This allows video motion to be captured in the wavelet domain. Based on this fact, a new statistical model is proposed for video sequences. We not only model the subband coefficients in individual frames, but also the wavelet coefficient difference occurring between two… CONTINUE READING


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