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Bayesian Changepoint Estimation for Spatially Indexed Functional Time Series (preprint)/ en

  title={Bayesian Changepoint Estimation for Spatially Indexed Functional Time Series (preprint)/ en},
  author={Mengchen Wang and Trevor Harris and B. Li},
We propose a Bayesian hierarchical model to simultaneously estimate mean based changepoints in spatially correlated functional time series. Unlike previous methods that assume a shared changepoint at all spatial locations or ignore spatial correlation, our method treats changepoints as a spatial process. This allows our model to respect spatial heterogeneity and exploit spatial correlations to improve estimation. Our method is derived from the ubiquitous cumulative sum (CUSUM) statistic that… 



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Scalable multiple changepoint detection for functional data sequences

The Multiple Changepoint Isolation method for detecting multiple changes in the mean and covariance of a functional process is proposed and demonstrated on a large time series of water vapor mixing ratio profiles from atmospheric emitted radiance interferometer measurements.

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Bayesian change point detection for functional data

  • Xiuqi LiS. Ghosal
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
  • 2021

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A fast, well performing and theoretically tractable method for detecting multiple change points in the structure of an auto‐regressive conditional heteroscedastic model for financial returns with piecewise constant parameter values is proposed.