Bayesian Analysis Suggests that Most Amino Acid Replacements in Drosophila Are Driven by Positive Selection

Bayesian Analysis Suggests that Most Amino Acid Replacements in Drosophila Are Driven by Positive Selection
  author={S. Sawyer and R. Kulathinal and C. Bustamante and D. Hartl},
  journal={Journal of Molecular Evolution},
  • S. Sawyer, R. Kulathinal, +1 author D. Hartl
  • Published 2003
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Journal of Molecular Evolution
  • One of the principal goals of population genetics is to understand the processes by which genetic variation within species (polymorphism) becomes converted into genetic differences between species (divergence). In this transformation, selective neutrality, near neutrality, and positive selection may each play a role, differing from one gene to the next. Synonymous nucleotide sites are often used as a uniform standard of comparison across genes on the grounds that synonymous sites are subject to… CONTINUE READING
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    Hitchhiking effects of recurrent beneficial amino acid substitutions in the Drosophila melanogaster genome.
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