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Bay Bridge Toll Evaluation: Final Report

  title={Bay Bridge Toll Evaluation: Final Report},
  author={Elizabeth A. Deakin and Karen Trapenberg Frick and Robert Cervero and Alexander Skabardonis and Ian Ronald Barnes and Karla Kingsley and James Rubin and Jin Murakami and Javier Amaro and Erik Jensen},
On July 1, 2010, the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) raised the tolls on the seven state‐ owned bridges in the San Francisco Bay Area. For six of the bridges, a flat $5 toll was implemented for passenger vehicles with a 50% discount ($2.50 toll) for peak‐period 3+ person carpools, which had previously crossed the bridges free of charge. On the San Francisco‐ Oakland Bay Bridge, a more complex toll structure was put into place. The toll was increased to $6 during weekday peak periods (5‐10 a.m… Expand
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The Impacts of the Bay Bridge Congestion Pricing on Economic Development and Longer Term Considerations
  • The Impacts of the Bay Bridge Congestion Pricing on Economic Development and Longer Term Considerations
  • 2011