Bax mutations in cell lines derived from hematological malignancies.

  title={Bax mutations in cell lines derived from hematological malignancies.},
  author={Jules P P Meijerink and Toon F. C. M. Smetsers and Annet W Sl{\"o}etjes and E H Linders and Ewald J B M Mensink},
  volume={9 11},
Many genes are involved in cell cycle control, DNA repair and induction of cell death. Alterations in these genes have been responsible for the development of cancer as well as for resistance to cancer therapy. Recently, an emerging family of bcl2-like genes has been identified that plays a role in the regulation of cell death. Its members are highly conserved in several domains which have been shown to be important for homodimerization or heterodimerization. The ratio between BAX/BCL2… CONTINUE READING