Battling a ‘sex-saturated society’: The abstinence movement and the politics of sex education

  title={Battling a ‘sex-saturated society’: The abstinence movement and the politics of sex education},
  author={Jean Calterone Williams},
  pages={416 - 443}
The abstinence movement in the USA, as a sector of the Christian Right, advocates abstinence before marriage and links abstinence to Evangelical Christian morality, sexual purity, and heterosexual marriage. A number of single-issue abstinence groups have formed over the past 10 to 15 years in the USA; their political success in advocating a ‘values-based’ response to sexuality and the current scope of abstinence education is unprecedented in US politics. With the election of President Obama… 

Changing the world one virgin at a time: abstinence pledgers, lifestyle movements, and social change

ABSTRACT Offering a contribution to cultural approaches to studying social movements, this paper explores how people incorporate social change efforts into broader self-projects. I use the

Convergence of Gender and Sexuality in the History of Educational Leadership

This chapter explores how gender and sexuality have been salient aspects of educational leadership through the history of tax-supported schooling in the United States. It examines whose leadership

‘Safe sex’: evaluation of sex education and sexual risk by young adults in Sydney

Significantly, young people defined ‘safe sex’ not only in biomedical terms such as disease transmission and pregnancy, but also in terms of the social and psychological consequences of sexual encounters, with an emphasis on consent.

Fear of Punishment in Another World: a Follow-Up Examination of the Religious Beliefs About HIV/AIDS—A Decade of Progress?

  • S. Parsons
  • Education
    Journal of Religion and Health
  • 2019
This study compared 2000 and 2010 data on the religious beliefs about HIV/AIDS among those with HIV in a Deep South state. The percentage agreeing that HIV/AIDS is a punishment from God had not

Competition, delays, and coevolution in markets and politics

A Pilot Study Examining Religious Organization Affiliation, Sexual Health Information Sources, and Sexual Behaviors Among College Students

Abstract We conducted an online survey to examine religiosity, sexual health knowledge, and behavior and sexual health information sources among undergraduate students affiliated with student