Battered women: a diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma.

  title={Battered women: a diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma.},
  author={B G Brismar and B B Bergman and Gen Larsson and Arto Strandberg},
  journal={Acta chirurgica Scandinavica},
  volume={153 1},
A prospective study of women attending a surgical emergency department in an 8-month period showed that 117 (9%) had been battered. Offered in-patient treatment was accepted and completed by 58 women (the index group), while 59 declined or did not complete treatment (the drop-out group). Both groups were compared with age-matched controls. In the battered group there were more foreign-born women and more divorces than in the control group. The drop-out group differed from the index group either… CONTINUE READING