Bath-Tub Vortex

  title={Bath-Tub Vortex},
  author={Ascher H. Shapiro},
PERENNIALLY one hears controversy regarding the direction of the vortex in the drain of the bath-tub or the kitchen sink. Some claim that the direction of swirl is always the same in the northern hemisphere, and that in the southern hemisphere it is always opposite to that for the northern hemisphere. Others claim that there is no unique direction of swirl in either hemisphere. 

The Bath-Tub Vortex in the Southern Hemisphere

IT has long been thought that water draining from a tank would rotate counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere, provided other influences were kept small

Bath-tub Vortex

WITH reference to Prof. A. H. Shapiro's recent communication1 on the above subject, I venture to call attention to the fact that in 1908 the Austrian physicist, O. Turmlïtz, described careful and

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