Bateman bipolar hip arthroplasty. A review of 44 cases.


A consecutive series of 71 Bateman hemiarthroplasties were performed in a single hospital over a 20-month period. Forty-four hips or 62% were available for review with an average follow up of 22 months. Of the 44 cases, the Bateman Universal Proximal Femur, original design was used in 40 acute, displaced femoral neck fractures, two failed Austin Moore… (More)


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@article{Mannarino1986BatemanBH, title={Bateman bipolar hip arthroplasty. A review of 44 cases.}, author={Francesco Salvatore Mannarino and Danny L. Maples and J C Colwill and Alexandra Swanson}, journal={Orthopedics}, year={1986}, volume={9 3}, pages={357-60} }