Batch accuracy of on-line fat determination.

  title={Batch accuracy of on-line fat determination.},
  author={Per Waaben Hansen and I Tholl and Craig B. Christensen and H-C Jehg and Julia Borg and Ole Nielsen and Birthe H\ogsbro Ostergaard and J. Michael Hasenkam Peter K. Paulsen Hans Nygaard and Olav Andersen},
  journal={Meat science},
  volume={64 2},
A new method for determination of the fat content of large meat batches without sampling is presented. It is based on dual-energy X-ray (DXR) scanning of meat trimmings prior to mixing, in order to determine the exact fat content of the resulting meat batch. Twenty-seven samples of three types of pork trimmings with a fat content ranging from 24 to 63% were collected and combined into batch sizes of 27-241 kg. At small batch sizes (27 kg) the nature of the measurement error is mainly random… CONTINUE READING