Bass ’ NK groups and cdh-fibrant Hochschild homology

  title={Bass ’ NK groups and cdh-fibrant Hochschild homology},
  author={Guillermo Corti{\~n}as and C. Haesemeyer and Mark E. Walker and C. Weibel},
The K-theory of a polynomial ring R[t] contains the K-theory of R as a summand. For R commutative and containing Q, we describe K∗(R[t])/K∗(R) in terms of Hochschild homology and the cohomology of Kähler differentials for the cdh topology. We use this to address Bass’ question, whether Kn(R) = Kn(R[t]) implies Kn(R) = Kn(R[t1, t2]). The answer to this… CONTINUE READING