Basophils in allergen-induced patch test sites in atopic dermatitis.

  title={Basophils in allergen-induced patch test sites in atopic dermatitis.},
  author={Elizabeth B Mitchell and Julie Crow and Martin D. Chapman and S S Jouhal and F. M. Pope and Thomas A. E. Platts-Mills},
  volume={1 8264},
Atopic dermatitis often occurs in patients who have high IgE levels and positive immediate skin tests to several common allergens. However, there is considerable doubt about the role played by allergens in this disease. Patch testing for 48 h at superficially abraded skin sites revealed that allergens could induce eczematous lesions in atopic dermatitis patients but only in those who also gave a positive immediate skin reaction to the same allergen. Lesions induced by the purified house dust… CONTINUE READING
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