Basis of microheterogeneity of myelin basic protein.

  title={Basis of microheterogeneity of myelin basic protein.},
  author={F C Chou and Chung Hsien Chou and Raymond Shapira and Robert F. Kibler},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={251 9},
The basic protein of bovine central nervous system myelin contains a single polypeptide chain of 170 amino acids. Multiple components of basic protein have been observed on disc gel electrophoresis and ion exchange chromatography at alkaline pH, but the basis of the microheterogeneity has not been established. In the present study myelin basic protein from bovine spinal cord was chromatographed on carboxymethylcellulose at pH 10.4 in glycine buffer/2 M urea. Three major peaks were obtained… CONTINUE READING


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