Basiepidermal nervous system in Nemertoderma westbladi (Nemertodermatida): GYIRFamide immunoreactivity.

  title={Basiepidermal nervous system in Nemertoderma westbladi (Nemertodermatida): GYIRFamide immunoreactivity.},
  author={Olga I. Raikova and Maria Reuter and Margaretha K. S. Gustafsson and Aaron G Maule and David W. Halton and Ulf Jondelius},
  volume={107 1},
The Nemertodermatida are a small group of microscopic marine worms. Recent molecular studies have demonstrated that they are likely to be the earliest extant bilaterian animals. What was the nervous system (NS) of a bilaterian ancestor like? In order to answer that question, the NS of Nemertoderma westbladi was investigated by means of indirect immunofluorescence technique and confocal scanning laser microscopy. The antibodies to a flatworm neuropeptide GYIRFamide were used in combination with… CONTINUE READING