Basics of inflationary cosmology

  title={Basics of inflationary cosmology},
  author={George Lazarides},
The early stages of the universe evolution are discussed according to the hot big bang model and the grand unified theories. The shortcomings of big bang are summarized and their resolution by inflationary cosmology is sketched. Cosmological inflation, the subsequent oscillation and decay of the inflaton field, and the resulting reheating of the universe are studied in some detail. The density perturbations produced by inflation and the temperature fluctuations of the cosmic microwave… 

Non-minimal sneutrino inflation, Peccei-Quinn phase transition and non-thermal leptogenesis

We consider a phenomenological extension of the minimal supersymmetric standard model which incorporates non-minimal chaotic inflation, driven by a quartic potential associated with the lightest

Starobinsky Inflation: From Non-SUSY To SUGRA Realizations

We review the realization of Starobinsky-type inflation within induced-gravity supersymmetric ( SUSY ) and non-SUSY models. In both cases, inflation is in agreement with the current data and can be

Non-Minimal Higgs Inflation and non-Thermal Leptogenesis in A Supersymmetric Pati-Salam Model

We consider a supersymmetric (SUSY) Grand Unified Theory (GUT) based on the gauge group GPS = SU(4)C × SU(2)L × SU(2)R, which incorporates non-minimal chaotic inflation, driven by a quartic potential

Gravitational Waves, μ Term and Leptogenesis from B − L Higgs Inflation in Supergravity

We consider a renormalizable extension of the minimal supersymmetric standard model endowed by an R and a gauged B − L symmetry. The model incorporates chaotic inflation driven by a quartic

Variants of kinetically modified non-minimal Higgs inflation in supergravity

We consider models of chaotic inflation driven by the real parts of a conjugate pair of Higgs superfields involved in the spontaneous breaking of a grand unification symmetry at a scale assuming its

Shift symmetry and Higgs inflation in supergravity with observable gravitational waves

A bstractWe demonstrate how to realize within supergravity a novel chaotic-type inflationary scenario driven by the radial parts of a conjugate pair of Higgs superfields causing the spontaneous

Kaehler Potentials for Hilltop F-term Hybrid Inflation

We consider the basic supersymmetric (SUSY) models of F-term hybrid inflation (FHI). We show that a simple class of Kaehler potentials ensures a resolution to the \eta problem and allows for

Gravity waves from non-minimal quadratic inflation

We discuss non-minimal quadratic inflation in supersymmetric (SUSY) and non-SUSY models which entails a linear coupling of the inflaton to gravity. Imposing a lower bound on the parameter cℛ,

Primordial non-Gaussianity in Horndeski-type Model for Inflation

The work contained herein is an extensive review of the existing literature on this subject and the 'Inflationary theory' in general, along with some newly developed techniques and calculations.

Linking Starobinsky-type inflation in no-scale supergravity to MSSM

A novel realization of the Starobinsky inflationary model within a moderate extension of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM) is presented. The proposed superpotential is uniquely



Introduction to Inflationary Cosmology

The early universe according to the big bang and the grand unified theories is discussed. The shortcomings of big bang are summarized together with their resolution by inflationary cosmology.

Two stage inflation as a solution to the initial condition problem of hybrid inflation

We address the issue of ne-tuning of the initial eld conguration that can lead to hybrid inflation in the context of global supersymmetry. This problem is generated by the dierence between the energy

Inflationary universe: A possible solution to the horizon and flatness problems

The standard model of hot big-bang cosmology requires initial conditions which are problematic in two ways: (1) The early universe is assumed to be highly homogeneous, in spite of the fact that

Cosmological Inflation and Large-Scale Structure