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Basic Skills and Crime

  title={Basic Skills and Crime},
  author={Sam Parsons},

A cluster-randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of the JUMP Math program of math instruction for improving elementary math achievement

A cluster randomized-controlled trial of the effectiveness of JUMP Math, a distinctive math program whose central tenets are empirically supported, for improving elementary math achievement, finds positive effects, which suggests that JUMPMath may be a valuable evidence-based addition to the teacher’s toolbox.

Improving Aboriginal adult literacy rates: What potential does the 'Yes, I Can!' Adult literacy campaign have for reducing offending and improving interactions with the criminal justice system in NSW Aboriginal communities?

This research addresses the overarching question: What impact has the Literacy for Life Foundation (LFLF) ‘Yes, I Can!’ adult literacy campaign had on Aboriginal members’ encounters with the criminal

Framing education and learning in Youth Justice in England and Wales: Some outcomes for Young Offender Intervention

This article addresses the lack of women’s voices in the trafficking discourse by presenting women’s perspectives on policy support. Undertaken as part of doctoral study at the University of Hull,

Exploring the potential for early school leavers to have greater involvement in their literacy learning

This thesis explores the experiences of both early school leavers and their teachers when a group of eight young people were invited to have greater involvement in their learning. The study is based

Using precision teaching strategies and tactics to increase essential skill fluency

The area for this thesis was the application of Precision Teaching (PT) to the teaching of essential skills to various populations—university undergraduates, high school adolescents, and primary

Lifelong Learning and Crime : A Life-course Perspective

NIACE has a broad remit to promote lifelong learning opportunities for adults. NIACE works to develop increased participation in education and training, particularly for those who do not have easy

Learning behind bars: time to liberate prison education

Abstract With more prisons being built and the accompanying rise in prison population, the efficacious role of prison education is becoming increasingly important. Having been sidelined in the past,