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Basic Principles of Critical Pedagogy

  title={Basic Principles of Critical Pedagogy},
  author={Mohammad Aliakbari and Elham Faraji and Ilam University-Iran},
This article is intended to give some context to the discussion of critical pedagogy (CP) as one of the post method approaches to language teaching. It adopts the Frankfurt school principles as its main source in search for a more just society. It relates the school context to the social context in which it is embedded. It stresses empowering learners to think and act critically with the aim of transforming their life conditions. Although this approach has recently gained momentum, few studies… Expand
Critical Pedagogy Principles in Teaching EFL Reading
It is revealed that the teaching program has facilitated students to think critically by providing four categories of activity, namely offering problematic topics and reading materials that are linked to the students‟ lives, encouraging students to read between the lines, distributing classroom power, and creating space for students’ voices to be heard. Expand
Application of Critical Pedagogy Tenets to ESP Contexts by Iranian ESP Instructors
Considered as a new shift in ELT, critical pedagogy (henceforth CP) puts sociopolitical issues high on the classroom agenda (Ford, 2009) incorporating a set of tenets aiming to both change the natureExpand
Instilling Critical Pedagogy in the Italian Language Classroom
This article explores theoretical underpinnings for the use of critical pedagogy in the Italian language learning classroom. Its description of various components of critical theory lends aExpand
On Iranian School Teachers' Perceptions of the Principles of Critical Pedagogy
As a post-modern approach and a relatively new paradigm in thinking about education, critical pedagogy derives its interest from critical theory. This theory began with the assumption that socialExpand
Incorporating Critical Pedagogy Through Problem Posing, Dialogue, and Conscientization in A Junior Highschool in Salatiga
Although ELT scholars have addressed critical pedagogy, the study of the practicality of critical pedagogy is still lacking, especially in Indonesia. To fill the gap, this current study attempts toExpand
Facilitating critical pedagogy: Challenges and rewards
In this dissertation I explore and report a series of critical teaching dilemmas that occurred in the context of a social justice teacher education unit. Facilitating Critical Pedagogy: ChallengesExpand
On the Consequences of the Violation of Critical Pedagogy Principles from Iranian EFL Teacher Trainers’ Perspectives
The application of critical pedagogy in educational contexts has received adequate research attention over the last decades. The main focus of this strand of research has, however, been on raisingExpand
Critical Pedagogy: Concepts and Principles
It is almost a half-century that a movement has beg un to challenge the scholars and teachers of the world to rethink about the educatio n systems and the role of power and politics in it. However,Expand
Pedagogy as transition: student directed tutor groups on foundation years
This paper explores the use of student-led tutor groups, viewed as central to the delivery of the Foundation Year in Social Sciences at Newman University. Aimed at ‘non-traditional’ undergraduateExpand
The Effectiveness of Teaching Critical Thinking Skills through Literature in EFL Context: A Case Study in Spain
The present study investigates the effectiveness of teaching critical thinking skills through literary texts in the EFL classroom, based on the combination of reader-centered critical reading andExpand


The relationship between critical pedagogy and assessment in teacher education
Critical pedagogy has been debated for more than three decades and appears in many and varied constructions and characterizations. One of the key issues to be considered is the potential forExpand
Transforming Lives: Introducing Critical Pedagogy into ELT Classrooms.
Critical pedagogy (CP) in ELT is an attitude to language teaching which relates the classroom context to the wider social context and aims at social transformation through education. In spite of itsExpand
Your Culture, My Classroom, Whose Pedagogy? Negotiating Effective Teaching and Learning in Brazil
This article explores the cross-cultural teaching and learning environment of a graduate course in a master’s degree programin teaching English to speakers of other languages (MA-TESOL) offered by aExpand
Empowering Education: Critical Teaching for Social Change
Ira Shor is a pioneer in the field of critical education who for over twenty years has been experimenting with learning methods. His work creatively adapts the ideas of Brazilian educator PauloExpand
Introduction: Critical Approaches to TESOL.
This introductory article aims to pull together the unifying concerns in the varied articles, reports, and discussions in this special issue. I focus on three main themes that may be said toExpand
The ESL Classroom: Teaching, Critical Practice, and Community Development
The complexities of teaching English as a second language to those newly arrived in Canada are addressed with insight and humour in this book. Brian Morgan draws extensively on his own teachingExpand
Critical Thinking and Critical Pedagogy: Relations, Differences, and Limits
Two literatures have shaped much of the writing in the educational foundations over the past two decades: Critical Thinking and Critical Pedagogy. Each has its textual reference points, its favoredExpand
Critical Pedagogies and Language Learning (review)
© 2005 The Canadian Modern Language Review/La Revue canadienne des langues vivantes, 62, 2 (December/décembre) unlikely that students would be able to assess their own work with the same degree ofExpand
Critical Pedagogy Primer
The second edition of the Critical Pedagogy Primer not only introduces the topic but also provides a vision for the future of the critical pedagogy. Kincheloe's notion of an «evolving criticalityExpand
1 Teaching critically as an act of praxis and resistance
  • 2005
Critical pedagogy applies a critical perspective to the practice of teaching and challenges critical theorists and educators to examine our teaching practices. Initially captivated by the criticalExpand