Basic Human Needs Theory: Beyond Natural Law

  title={Basic Human Needs Theory: Beyond Natural Law},
  author={Richard E. Rubenstein},
Individual psychology discovers the existence of basic human needs in connection with the search for an explanation of individual pathology.1 Social thought discovers basic needs in the quest for the causes and cures of social disintegrration. “When a basic need is not satisfied,” Johan Galtung has written, “some kind of fundamental disintegration will take place.”2 Galtung identifies two broad categories of social disintegration: “freezing” (lack of participation, apathy, withdrawal) and… 

A theory of need in international political theory : autonomy, freedom, and a global obligation

The thesis is concerned with the nature of human action presupposed by normative theory; it is about recognising and articulating the fragility of the human within the context of human needs and

Buddhist philosophy and the epistemological foundations of conflict resolution

The aim of this research is to expand the framework of contemporary conflict resolution by constructing a complementary relationship between Western epistemologies and a Buddhist epistemology.


In this article, the authors use the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an example of ostensibly intractable ethnonational conflict and examine the psychological dynamics that contribute to its

The Fragility-Grievances-Conflict Triangle in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA): An Exploration of the Correlative Associations

The intention of this special issue of Social Sciences is to study state fragility and its relationship with conflict and grievances in the post-Cold War Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This

Aging in China and its impact on vehicle design

This research has explored the travel needs of older Chinese vehicle users in order to assist designers to better understand users’ current and future needs, and structures the older-user needs model into three levels of meaning to give guidance to vehicle design direction.

An investigation into the needs of emergency medical workers and how these could inform management practices

The needs of EMWs were investigated as suggested by descriptions of their experiences within the EMS and it was proposed that the relevant EMS company incorporates participative management into its management approach.

The needs of emergency medical workers: Towards a research focus

Literature on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has paid much attention to stressors, stress and symptoms, coping, and support of Emergency Medical Workers (EMWs). However, it has paid little

Towards a new constitutionalism: developing global civic responsibility through participation in world constitutional deliberation

Confronted by major global problems, our 'foremost challenge', according to the 1995 report of the Commission on Global Governance, is to develop the vision of a better world - one more democratic,

Policy and Marketing Strategies for Digital Media

Introduction: Policy and Marketing Strategies for Digital and New Media Yu-li Liu and Robert G. Picard Part I: Policies Issues 1. Digital Television and Switchover Policies in Europe Petros Iosifidis

More Than Just No Conflict: Examining the Two Sides of the Coexistence Coin

  • S. Bhatia
  • Frontiers in Conservation Science
  • 2021



Toward a Psychology of Being

A LARGER JURISDICTION FOR PSYCHOLOGY. Introduction: Toward a Psychology of Health. What Psychology Can Learn from the Existentialists. GROWTH AND MOTIVATION. Deficiency Motivation and Growth

Identity, youth, and crisis

Identity, Erikson writes, is an unfathomable as it is all-pervasive. It deals with a process that is located both in the core of the individual and in the core of the communal culture. As the culture

Peasant Wars of the Twentieth Century

  • E. Wolf
  • Psychology
    The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 1970
rather simple intellectual armature; however, it is well clothed. The chapter does make a cogent presentation of descriptive material. The major topic of the second section of this volume is death.

What is to be done? : burning questions of our movement

Rabocheye Dyelo’s assertions, which we have analyzed, that the economic struggle is the most widely applicable means of political agitation and that our task now is to lend the economic struggle

States and social revolutions : a comparative analysis of France, Russia, and China

List of tables and maps Preface Introduction 1. Explaining social revolutions: alternatives to existing theories Part I. Causes of Social Revolutions in France, Russia and China: 2. Old-regime states

The Political Theory of Possessive Individualism: Hobbes to Locke

This important reinterpretation of political theory from Hobbes to Locke not only freshly illuminates the thought of that period but throws new light on all that followed it.

From mobilization to revolution

  • C. Tilly
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 1978
El reciente fallecimiento del sociólogo e historiador Charles Tilly (Lombard, Illinois, 1929-Bronx, Nueva York, 2008) puede servir de pretexto para rememorar una trayectoria investigadora sin duda

Reform or Revolution