Basic Branding Concepts: Brand Identity, Brand Image and Brand Equity

  title={Basic Branding Concepts: Brand Identity, Brand Image and Brand Equity},
  author={Ramya Jain},
Branding is not a modern concept, but it existed pr ior to the 20th century. The oldest generic brand i n continuous use in India since the Vedic period is C hyawanprash. The importance of branding cannot be n glected in today’s competitive world. Brand Identity, brand im age and brand equity are important aspects of brand ing. The outward expression of the brand, including its name , logo, tone, tagline, symbols and visual appearanc e is a brand’s identity. It should be meaningful, distinct… 
The results of the research will help the culinary business, especially in the beverage sector to determine copywriting so that their brand identity becomes refined and can increase their brand awareness.
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Conceptualizing, Measuring, a nd Managing Customer-Based Brand Equity
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  • 1993