Basements and Intersections

  title={Basements and Intersections},
  author={Anna Carastathis},
  pages={698 - 715}
In this paper, I revisit Kimberlé Crenshaw's argument in “Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex” (1989) to recover a companion metaphor that has been largely forgotten in the “mainstreaming” of intersectionality in (white‐dominated) feminist theory. In addition to the now‐famous intersection metaphor, Crenshaw offers the basement metaphor to show how—by privileging monistic, mutually exclusive, and analogically constituted categories of “race” and “sex” tethered, respectively, to… 
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  • Political Science
    Canadian Foreign Policy Journal
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A unilateral act whereby, by putting their hands up, throwing away their weapons, raising a white flag or in any other suitable fashion, isolated members of armed forces [1] or members of a formation
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Artikeln exemplifierar genus konstruktioner sa som de uppfattas av svenska och danska studenter under deras gemensamma Oresunds utbildning


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