Basement membrane proteins: structure, assembly, and cellular interactions.

  title={Basement membrane proteins: structure, assembly, and cellular interactions.},
  author={Mats Paulsson},
  journal={Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology},
  volume={27 1-2},
  • Mats Paulsson
  • Published 1992 in
    Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular…
Basement membranes are thin layers of a specialized extracellular matrix that form the supporting structure on which epithelial and endothelial cells grow, and that surround muscle and fat cells and the Schwann cells of peripheral nerves. One common denominator is that they are always in close apposition to cells, and it has been well demonstrated that basement membranes do not only provide a mechanical support and divide tissues into compartments, but also influence cellular behavior. The… CONTINUE READING


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