• Materials Science
  • Published 2013

Based on laser probe micro fiber waveguide component analyzer

  title={Based on laser probe micro fiber waveguide component analyzer},
  author={李祥友 and 王旭朝 and 郑重 and 沈萌 and 郭连波 and 曾晓雁},
The present invention discloses a waveguide-based optical fiber laser probe microanalyzer component, comprising Nd: YAG laser, wavelength tunable laser, monitoring the CCD camera, a computer, a grating spectrometer, a focusing lens, the displacement of the platform, digital delay pulse generating is, enhanced the CCD; focusing objective a reflective focusing objective, Nd: YAG laser and a wavelength tunable lasers are fiber optic waveguide for transmission of the laser pulse, and through the… CONTINUE READING