Basal ganglia and language: phonology modulates dopaminergic release.

  title={Basal ganglia and language: phonology modulates dopaminergic release.},
  author={Marco Tettamanti and Andrea Moro and Cristina Messa and Rosa Maria Moresco and Giovanna Rizzo and Assunta Carpinelli and Mario Matarrese and Ferruccio Fazio and Daniela Perani},
  volume={16 4},
Basal ganglia have been implicated in syntactic and phonological processes, but direct evidence has been scarce. Here, we used [11C]raclopride and positron emission tomography to measure modulations of the dopaminergic system induced by phonological or syntactic processing. Two significant effects were found. First, the level of accuracy in phonological processing significantly correlated with tracer binding potential in the left caudate nucleus. Second, the speed in phonological processing… CONTINUE READING
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