Baruch the Scribe and Jerahmeel the King's Son

  title={Baruch the Scribe and Jerahmeel the King's Son},
  author={Nahman Avigad},
  journal={The Biblical Archaeologist},
  pages={114 - 118}
  • N. Avigad
  • Published 1 April 1979
  • Philosophy
  • The Biblical Archaeologist
Finally, two persons mentioned in the Bible are positively identified with the persons named on two recently discovered seal-impressions. 

Bullae from the City of David: A Hoard of Seal Impressions from the Israelite Period

Objects buried for more than 2,500 years allow the reconstruction of scribal practices to be reconstructed.

Ancient Scribes and Scripts and the Clues They Leave

The paleographer who worked on the just-published paleo-Hebrew Leviticus Scroll presents the basic procedures for determining the date of ancient writing.

The Personal Names in Jeremiah as a Source for the History of the Period

There is hardly another section of the Bible in which the events described are brought to life so vividly through the mention of specific individuals as in the prose sections of Jeremiah. The roll

Royal Officials and Court Families: A New Look at the ילךים (yĕlādîm) in 1 Kings 12

  • N. Fox
  • History
    The Biblical Archaeologist
  • 1996
The famous narrative of Rehoboam's first and worst royal decision (1 Kings 12:1-15) structures the new king's options as the choice between the advice of the court "elders" and "youth." The precise

The Authenticity of the Bullae of Berekhyahu Son of Neriyahu the Scribe

Bullae are small lumps of clay, often fingernail-sized and shaped as flat disks, which were usually affixed to a cord binding a commodity or a document and then stamped with a seal. Hebrew bullae

The fall of Assyria (635–609 B.C.)

This period includes the final years of the reign of Ashurbanipal, and those of his three successors in Assyria, his sons Ashur-etel-ilani and Sin-sharra-ishkun, and Ashur-uballit II for whose

Babylonia 605–539 B.C.

THE DEFEAT OF EGYPT The so-called ‘Chaldaean’ dynasty of Babylon inaugurated by Nabopolassar has also been designated the dynasty of Bit-Yakin or the Third Dynasty of the Sealand. It was not,

"Looking back for Jeconiah" : Yahweh's cast-out signet

Looking Back for Jeconiah: Yahweh's Cast-out Signet This dissertation examines the life and legacy of Jeconiah son of Jehoiakim, the last living Davidic king during the Babylonian captivity. It

Assyria 668-635 B.C.: the reign of Ashurbanipal

The reign of Ashurbanipal begins in what appears to be the hey-day of Assyrian imperialism and ends in a dark period of confusion, followed shortly by the fall of Assyria itself. It is the task of

When Bodies Meet: Fraught Companionship and Entangled Embodiment in Jeremiah 36

This paper uses Donna Haraway’s theoretical work on “companion species” to offer a new perspective on the mutually implicated bodies in chapter 36 of the biblical book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah 36