Bars in Disk-dominated and Bulge-dominated Galaxies at z ~ 0: New Insights from ~3600 SDSS Galaxies

  title={Bars in Disk-dominated and Bulge-dominated Galaxies at z ~ 0: New Insights from ~3600 SDSS Galaxies},
  author={Fabio D. Barazza and Shardha Jogee and Irina Marinova},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
  pages={1194 - 1212}
We present a study of large-scale bars in the local universe, based on a large sample of 3692 galaxies, with 18.5 ⩽ Mg < − 22.0 mag and redshift 0.01 ⩽ z < 0.03, drawn from the Sloan Digitized Sky Survey. Our sample includes many galaxies that are disk-dominated and of late Hubble types. Both color cuts and Sérsic cuts yield a similar sample of ~2000 disk galaxies. We characterize bars and disks by ellipse-fitting r-band images and applying quantitative criteria. After excluding highly inclined… 

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