Barrios resilientes energéticamente en viviendas sociales: la reconstrucción post-incendio en el cerro Las Cañas de Valparaíso

  title={Barrios resilientes energ{\'e}ticamente en viviendas sociales: la reconstrucci{\'o}n post-incendio en el cerro Las Ca{\~n}as de Valpara{\'i}so},
  author={Claudia P Saavedra and Luz Alicia C{\'a}rdenas},
The 2014 great Valparaiso fire had serious consequences on the urban areas of local hills as the result of their weak urban infrastructure and poor accessibility, thus affecting the most vulnerable population in the city. From a State perspective, this paper analyzes the “social housing” reconstruction proposals promoted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MINVU). This exercise enables us to explore how the State addresses these urban reinvention processes and corroborate if they… CONTINUE READING