Barriers to access

  title={Barriers to access},
  author={Lisa Morrison Puckett},
  journal={International Social Work},
  pages={621 - 631}
  • L. M. Puckett
  • Published 1 September 2005
  • Sociology
  • International Social Work
Despite the small size of the Polish Romani population, the status and treatment of this group deserve special attention. This descriptive study identifies potential disconnects between the Roma and social services in the community and suggests practices to strengthen the connections between the marginalized Roma and the social service community. French Nonobstant la faible population Roma en Pologne, le statut et le traitement accordé à ce groupe mérite l'attention. Cette étude descriptive… 

Social work and the Roma community: elements to improve current practices

ABSTRACT Although the Roma community is the largest ethnic minority in Europe, it continues to experience inequality and exclusion in all social areas. In social work, the literature identifies

Organizational Change in the Sphere of Health Protection of the Roma Community in Poland Seen From Different Perspective

Insight is got into the different views on Roma health in Poland to improve health, access to healthcare and broaden the understanding of the limitations for the Roma inclusion in the mainstream of organizational behaviour of health and well-being institutions.

Identity as a barrier to social services: stigmatization and resistance of the Irish Travellers

Irish Travellers score the lowest in most social indicators in the Republic of Ireland. Many studies blame discrimination by the Settled population as the barrier impeding Travellers’ access to

Procesos de segregación residencial en la población gitana: EL caso almeriense

espanolEl objetivo de este trabajo es medir y analizar los procesos de segregacion residencial de los gitanos que viven en Almeria. Para ello hemos utilizado los principales indices de medida:

The Polish Roma: From a persecuted to a protected minority

In this article, we present an analysis of opinion polls conducted between 1994 and 2013 on attitudes toward Roma population in Poland. We situate these attitudes within Poland’s social, legal,

"A Stroll in Heavy Boots": Studying Polish Roma Women's Experiences of Aging

In Poland, the quality of life for Roma minorities has deteriorated in recent years due to negative stereotyping, economic crises and resurgent nationalisms. Consequently, many Roma have migrated to

Multi-Family Psycho-Education Group for Assertive Community Treatment Clients and Families of Culturally Diverse Background: A Pilot Study

Culturally competent delivery of MFPG enhanced family members’ understanding of mental illness and reduced stress levels and negative feelings towards clients.

A Qualitative Study of Underutilization of the AIDS Drug Assistance Program

Administrative Policies in Urban Segregated Spaces. The Case of the Romanian Ghettos

The administrative policies of urban segre-gated spaces remain an unsolved issue in many of Central and Eastern European countries. This paper discusses the new emergence of ghetto spaces in Romania,



Roma and the Transition in Central and Eastern Europe: Trends and Challenges

Poverty among the Roma minority is one of the most challenging development issues facing the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Conditions have deteriorated more severely for Roma than for

"Foreigners Among Foreigners": Social Organization Among The Roma Of Athens, Greece

Against the backdrop of forced transplantation, economic marginality, and sociopolitical circumscription, the Roma of Athens, Greece have constructed a meaningful life of territorial coexistence,

From Welfare State to Social Compacts: Welfare Transformation in Poland

L'A. montre comment l'organisation de l'etat-providence tend a etre mise en doute du fait de changement survenus dans le domaine social, politique et economique. Il estime que l'etat-providence

Helena Radlinska

This article presents the work of Helena Radlinska, one of the founders of social work in Poland. Her work is discussed within the context of Polish history as the early development of social work in

Ethnic mobilization and the state: the Roma in Eastern Europe

The political mobilization of marginalized ethnic groups is a process indispensable for the realization of their political objectives. This article identifies the key criteria and conditions that

Needy Guests, Reluctant Hosts: The Plight of Rumanians in Poland

A history of the gypsies of Eastern Europe and Russia

Bulgaria the Czech and Slovak republics Hungary Romania the southern Slavic States (former Yugoslavia) and Albania countries making up the former Soviet Union Poland.

Helena Radlinska: Expanding Conceptualizations of Social Work From Poland’s Past

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EthnicMobilization and the State

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