• Economics
  • Published 2004

Barriers to Entry in Antitrust Analysis (Barrières à l'Entrée dans l'Analyze Antitrust)

  title={Barriers to Entry in Antitrust Analysis (Barri{\`e}res {\`a} l'Entr{\'e}e dans l'Analyze Antitrust)},
  author={R. Preston McAfee and Hugo M. Mialon},
(Barrieres a l'Entree dans l’Analyze Antitrust) R. Preston McAfee and Hugo M. Mialon October 20, 2004 The existence of barriers to entry is a central subject of contention in most antitrust court cases involving charges of monopolization or anti-competitive merger. A firm with large market share cannot earn monopoly profits, and a merger cannot permanently reduce competition, if sufficiently many new firms could easily and quickly begin producing the same product. Thus there are typically no… CONTINUE READING