Barrier components acting against osmotic water flow inNitella


In order to check whether or not the layer of chloroplasts densely arranged in the cortical gel of aNitella internode offers substantial resistance to osmotic water flow, a material was prepared which had the cortical gel layer freed from chloroplasts by centrifugation either longitudinal or lateral to the cell axis. The water permeability of the cell remained the same as normal even though the chloroplasts were exfoliated from the cell cortex to the extent of 50% of the total area, showing that the chloroplast layer plays hardly any significant part as a barrier to osmotic flow. Since it is known that the layer of the streaming endoplasm is also negligible as resistance against osmotic water flow (Tasawa and Kamiya, 1965), it is concluded that the major barrier components against osmotic flow in theNitella internode are the cell wall, plasmalemma and/or tonoplast.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02489196

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