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Barrens and the Forest-Prairie Interface in Presettlement Crawford County, Illinois

  title={Barrens and the Forest-Prairie Interface in Presettlement Crawford County, Illinois},
  author={Bob Edgin and John E. E. Ebinger},
The extent of forest, savanna, barrens, and prairie vegetation of Crawford County, Illinois, was mapped using the General Land Office survey notes of 1804-1821. Forest vegetation was the most exten- sive, covering 40.8% of the county, followed by prairie (34.2%), savanna (18.2%) and barrens (6.8%). Quercus alba L. (white oak) was the dominant forest species with an importance value (IV) of 60.6, followed by Q. velutina Lam. (black oak), Carya spp. (hickories), Ulmus spp. (elms), and Acer… Expand
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Effects of fire frequency on oak savanna in
  • J. Tester
  • Geography, Environmental Science
  • 1989
TESTER, J. R. (Department of Ecology and Behavioral Biology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455). Effects of fire frequency on oak savanna in east-central Minnesota. Bull. Torrey Bot.Expand
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