Barnabas in Galatians

  title={Barnabas in Galatians},
  author={Richard J. Bauckham},
  journal={Journal for the Study of the New Testament},
  pages={61 - 70}
  • R. Bauckham
  • Published 1 March 1979
  • Philosophy
  • Journal for the Study of the New Testament
Because of Barnabas' prominent role in the evangeli zation of Galatia his minor role in Paul's letter to the Galatians requires explanation. An examination of the relevant passages shows how Paul's language reflects his recent disappointment over Barnabas' behaviour in the crisis at Antioch (Gal.2:13), and illuminates the Sitz im Leben of the letter. 
The traditional opinion held that the recipients lived in the geographical district known as "Galatia," located in the northern part of the Roman province, also called "Galatia," in Asia Minor.2 This
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