Bark, smoke and pray: multilingual Rastafarian-herb sellers in a busy subway

  title={Bark, smoke and pray: multilingual Rastafarian-herb sellers in a busy subway},
  author={Quentin E. Williams},
  journal={Social Semiotics},
  pages={474 - 494}
  • Q. Williams
  • Published 25 June 2017
  • Linguistics
  • Social Semiotics
ABSTRACT This paper is an analysis of how multilingual Rastafarian-herbalists organize multilingual and multimodal interactions in a subway. The rationale has been to understand the practice of multilingual repertoires by multilingual speakers in Cape Town marketplaces. It contributes to literature on language use in marketplaces by highlighting how linguistic and non-linguistic resources are drawn on and co-produced in interaction among Rastafarians who identify as informal herb traders. It… 

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