Barium hexaferrite suspensions for electrophoretic deposition.


In this investigation we have looked at the preparation of barium hexaferrite suspensions, with the stability of the magnetic barium hexaferrite particles being increased by the addition of a surfactant, dodecylbenzylsulfonic acid (DBSA). The influence of the solubility DBSA in different solvents and its adsorption onto the surfaces of particles with different sizes were determined from zeta-potential measurements. The most suitable and stable suspensions of barium hexaferrite particles, regardless of their sizes, were obtained in 1-butanol, and these were then used for a subsequent electrophoretic deposition. The microstructures of the deposits were examined with electron microscopy. The thickness and density of the deposits as a function of the electric field, the zeta-potential, the particle size, and the separation distance between the electrodes were investigated. The thickness of the deposits was found to increase with the increasing zeta-potential of the suspension and with the increasing separation distance between the electrodes. Denser deposits were obtained from the suspensions of smaller particles that had narrower particle size distributions.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jcis.2009.05.041

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@article{Ovtar2009BariumHS, title={Barium hexaferrite suspensions for electrophoretic deposition.}, author={Simona Ovtar and Darja Lisjak and Miha Drofenik}, journal={Journal of colloid and interface science}, year={2009}, volume={337 2}, pages={456-63} }