Bargaining-based jammer power allocation for dynamic eavesdropping scenario


This paper proposes a bargaining-based jammer power allocation scheme for multi-source multi-destination wireless network in the presence of a friendly jammer and a malicious node which eavesdrops erratically. We formulate the erratic behavior of the eavesdropper as a novel model where the eavesdropper wiretaps the message of the legitimate sources with a certain probability in a time slot. Moreover, in order to obtain a fair and efficient solution, the jammer power allocation problem is modeled as a Nash bargaining game under the constraint of maximum transmit power of a friendly jammer, which is a convex optimization problem. Then, the closed form of the Nash bargaining solution (NBS) is derived, and a simple but effective centralized algorithm is proposed. Besides, we find that the even power allocation solution and the sum-secrecy-rate optimal solution are the special cases of the NBS, when the bargaining power is properly selected. Simulation results demonstrate that the NBS achieves a good performance in terms of both effectiveness and fairness.

DOI: 10.1186/1687-1499-2014-186

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