BareBone cloud IaaS: Revitalization disruptive technology

  title={BareBone cloud IaaS: Revitalization disruptive technology},
  author={Joseph Ng Poh Soon and Ahmad Kamil Mahmood and Peng Yin Choo and See Wan Wong and Koo Yuen Phan and Ean Heng Lim},
  journal={2014 IEEE Symposium on Computer Applications and Industrial Electronics (ISCAIE)},
With today's Internet of Hype-Things, technology innovation is no longer a strategic weapon to gain competitiveness or even sustainability at SME. Legacy frameworks are biased towards larger computing during happy day environment. This paper presents a new framework for SME to embrace IaaS with confidence to move up the value chain despite facing volatile economic turbulence. While disruptive BareBone cloud technology maybe inferior to large enterprises, holds potential opportunities to the… CONTINUE READING