Bare-Bone Particle Swarm Optimisation for Simultaneously Discretising and Selecting Features for High-Dimensional Classification

  title={Bare-Bone Particle Swarm Optimisation for Simultaneously Discretising and Selecting Features for High-Dimensional Classification},
  author={Binh Tran and Bing Xue and Mengjie Zhang},
Feature selection and discretisation have shown their effectiveness for data preprocessing especially for high-dimensional data with many irrelevant features. While feature selection selects only relevant features, feature discretisation finds a discrete representation of data that contains enough information but ignoring some minor fluctuation. These techniques are usually applied in two stages, discretisation and then selection since many feature selection methods work only on discrete… 

A New Representation in PSO for Discretization-Based Feature Selection

A new method called potential particle swarm optimization (PPSO) is proposed which employs a new representation that can reduce the search space of the problem and a new fitness function to better evaluate candidate solutions to guide the search.

A Cooperative Coevolutionary Approach to Discretization-Based Feature Selection for High-Dimensional Data

This paper proposes a cooperative coevolutionary algorithm based on the genetic algorithm (GA) and particle swarm optimization (PSO), which searches for the feature subsets with and without entropy-based cut-points simultaneously.

Feature selection for high-dimensional classification using a competitive swarm optimizer

This paper proposes to use a very recent PSO variant, known as competitive swarm optimizer (CSO) that was dedicated to large-scale optimization, for solving high-dimensional feature selection problems, and demonstrates that compared to the canonical PSO-based and a state-of-the-art PSO variants for feature selection, the proposed CSO- based feature selection algorithm not only selects a much smaller number of features, but result in better classification performance as well.

An Improved Discretization-Based Feature Selection via Particle Swarm Optimization

An improved discretization-based FS method via particle swarm optimization to obtain a higher classification accuracy with a smaller size of feature subset and a new updating strategy and a local search procedure are proposed to strengthen the searching ability and avoid being trapped into local optimal.

Threshold Controlled Binary Particle Swarm Optimization for High Dimensional Feature Selection

Proposed approach outperforms C-BPSO in all contexts on most of the datasets and 3-4 times computationally faster and outperforms in all context when compared with the existing work and 5-8 times Computationally faster.

MI-ABPSO: an Ameliorated Binary PSO for Feature Selection of Biomedical Data

This paper proposed an ameliorated binary PSO (MI-ABPSO) algorithm for feature selection using mutual information (MI) to rank the pertinence between the class label and feature to filter the weakly-correlated features.

Multi-variant differential evolution algorithm for feature selection

A new feature selection algorithm based on the MVDE method and artificial neural network is presented which enabled MVDE to get a combination features’ set, accelerate the accuracy of the classification, and optimize both the structure and weights of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) simultaneously.



Overview of Particle Swarm Optimisation for Feature Selection in Classification

The results show that the PSO based multiobjective filter approach can successfully address feature selection problems, outperform single objective filter algorithms and achieve better classification performance than other multi-objective algorithms.

Feature selection algorithm based on bare bones particle swarm optimization

Improved PSO for Feature Selection on High-Dimensional Datasets

A new particle swarm optimisation PSO based FS approach to classification problems with thousands or tens of thousands of features that can successfully select a much smaller number of features and significantly increase the classification accuracy over using all features.

Multivariate Discretization Based on Evolutionary Cut Points Selection for Classification

This paper proposes the use of evolutionary algorithms to select a subset of cut points that defines the best possible discretization scheme of a data set using a wrapper fitness function, and incorporates a reduction mechanism to successfully manage the multivariate approach on large data sets.

Particle Swarm Optimization for Feature Selection in Classification: A Multi-Objective Approach

The experimental results show that the two PSO-based multi-objective algorithms can automatically evolve a set of nondominated solutions and the first algorithm outperforms the two conventional methods, the single objective method, and the two-stage algorithm.

Binary particle swarm optimisation for feature selection: A filter based approach

The results show that with proper weights, two proposed algorithms can significantly reduce the number of features and achieve similar or even higher classification accuracy in almost all cases.

An unsupervised approach to feature discretization and selection

Improved binary PSO for feature selection using gene expression data