Barbarians, Gentlemen and Players : A Sociological Study of the Development of Rugby Football

  title={Barbarians, Gentlemen and Players : A Sociological Study of the Development of Rugby Football},
  author={Eric Dunning and Kenneth Sheard},
Part I: Folk Antecedents and Transitional Forms of Football in the Public Schools 1. The folk antecedents of modern rugby and their decline 2. Football in the early 19th century public schools Part II: The Modernisation of Rugby Football 3. The preconditions for modernization: embourgeoisement and public school reform 4. The incipient modernization of rugby football 5. The 'civilising process' and the formation of the RFU. 6. The democratization of rugby football. 7. Professionalisation and the… 

Rugby union football in Australian society: an unintended consequence of intended actions1

The place of rugby union football in Australian society presents a rich context to play and display critical social issues, particularly, identity formations and contestations. This essay examines

Rugby in Munster: A Social and Cultural History

This study is the first book-length academic treatment of rugby football in Ireland. Covering the period from the game's origins in Ireland in the 1870s through to the onset of professional rugby in

The changing structure and culture of english rugby union football

In 1995, the International Rugby Football Board (IRB) declared rugby union an 'open' sport and thus formally legitimized professionalism in what had previously been a 'shamateur' game. Whilst others

Football, identity, place: The emergence of Rugby football in Brisbane

Today we accept that football in its various forms is the predominant winter sport in Brisbane; in fact, it is reasonable to state that this is true globally. This paper examines the construction of


The article addresses old English and Scottish annual village games known as folk football, which still survive along with the more usual federal modern sports like soccer and rugby. The article

Rugby Union Football in the Land of the Wallabies, 1874–1949: same game, different ethos

Football as a generic game-form was a feature of the sporting culture of the settlers of Australia. As the various codes emerged in Britain they were ‘exported’ to the colonies throughout the Empire.

The intercultural transfer of football: the contexts of Germany and Argentina

  • T. Adam
  • Education, History
    Global and Transnational Sport
  • 2019
Abstract Historians of sport have paid little attention to the ways in which modern sports such as football were transferred from its place of origin to receiving cultures around the globe. While it

Playing By the Rules?: Early Modern Sport and Control in the Northern Mainland Royal Burghs of Scotland

ABSTRACT The history of early modern sport in Scotland, especially in the Lowlands, is beginning to emerge. Impressive works have identified the key sports in Scottish history, including bowls,

Sport transfer over the channel: elitist migration and the advent of football and ice hockey in Switzerland

  • C. Koller
  • History
    Global and Transnational Sport
  • 2019
Abstract This article analyses the early cultural transfer of British sports to Switzerland by the example of football and ice hockey. After an assessment of Anglo-Swiss political, economic and

The postmodernisation of rugby union in Australia

In recent times rugby union in Australia has undergone significant change. We argue that the nature of this change can be largely explained in terms of the rise of postmodern structures and practices