Barang king banga: A Visayan language reading of the Calatagan pot inscription (CPI)

  title={Barang king banga: A Visayan language reading of the Calatagan pot inscription (CPI)},
  author={Ramon Guillermo and M. D. Paluga},
  journal={Journal of Southeast Asian Studies},
  pages={121 - 159}
The Calatagan pot, with an inscription around its rim, is one of the very few existing archeological evidences of ancient writing in the Philippines. It was discovered in Calatagan, Batangas and bought by the Philippine National Museum in 1961. Having since eluded decipherment, the present paper proposes a strategy which combines traditional palaeographic techniques and cryptographic methods. By means of this procedure, a tentative decipherment of the inscription is proposed here. The… Expand
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