Bank Selection Criteria in a Customers’ Perspective

  title={Bank Selection Criteria in a Customers’ Perspective},
  author={Mohamad Saifudin Mohamad Saleh},
  journal={IOSR Journal of Business and Management},
  • M. Saleh
  • Published 2013
  • Business
  • IOSR Journal of Business and Management
Nowadays, with the emergence of the many financial institution, customers have variety choices of product and services and they are concerned towards the value of money. This study is to present the most important factor influencing customers in respect of selecting a bank by customer in Kelantan, Malaysia. In particular, it finds those criteria, which have become significantly important in motivating the choice. A quantitative methodology by using responses given by the respondents employed in… Expand
Identifying Factors Influencing Selection of Banks by Customers in Rwanda: Principal Components Analysis Approach
Nowadays, with the presence of the many financial institutions, customers have the chance of choosing among variety of products and services and they are concerned towards the value of money.Expand
An Exploratory Study on Customers’ Selection in Choosing Islamic Banking
Islamic banking industry is growing very rapidly by offering high quality schemes where free interest and better customer services are provided. Strong Islamic banking movements is forcing theExpand
Bank Selection Criteria and Performance of Public and Private Banks of Sri Lanka: A Comparative Study
Financial deregulation and technological advancement have led the sri lankan banking industry to highly competitive environment. In sri lanka, the competition is not only among the local banks, butExpand
An Empirical Analysis of Attributes Influencing Bank Selection Choices by Customers in the UAE: The Dubai Context
This paper quantifies the determinants of banks selection attributes by university studentscustomers in Dubai leveraging multi-attribute model algorithm. The motivation for this paper is that thereExpand
Bank selection criteria and satisfaction of retail customers of Islamic banks in Bangladesh
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to argue that “being Islamic” is already embedded in the decision frame of the Muslim consumers when choosing their Islamic banks, and hence, the bank selectionExpand
Determinants of bank selection among working people in Kathmandu Valley
The major objective of the study is to know the determinant of bank selection among working people in Kathmandu Valley. The study has explored seven factors which are core service delivery, externalExpand
The role of virtual space in ensuring ‘fair access’ to banking services –results of empirical research conducted in the Polish SME sector
The aim of this article is to present results of long-term empirical research on the changing behavior of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Poland in the context of spatialExpand
Attitudes of Customers towards Islamic Banks in Kuwait
The purpose of this study is to examine the main factors that motivate customers to deal with Islamic banks (IBs) in State of Kuwait and explore items needed by customers to develop IBs services toExpand
The Islamic Vehicle Financing Market in Malaysia: Identification of Factors Influencing Price Sensitivity
In recent years, Islamic finance has gained increasing attention by financial corporations in countries that are marked by a considerable Muslim population. In conjunction, Malaysia’s Islamic vehicleExpand
Cross-Border Banking Services and Determinants of Bank Selection from Corporate Customer’s Perspective: Evidence from Vietnam
This paper focuses on assessment of cross-border services in the Vietnam banking system in the context of international integration from customer’s perspective. The authors used Exploratory FactorExpand


The Determinants of Bank Selection Choices by Customers: Recent and Extensive Evidence from Nigeria
This paper investigates the determinants of banks selection criteria by banking and business customers in Nigeria. It is motivated by the need to address the several limitations in a previous studyExpand
Bank selection criteria employed by college students in Bahrain: an empirical analysis
To plan an appropriate marketing strategy for attracting new customers, commercial banks need to identify the criteria on which potential customers determine their bank selection decision. The studyExpand
Commercial Bank Selection in Turkey
In view of the intense competition in the banking industry all over the world, managers of both commercial and public banks more and more are applying marketing strategy techniques in the operations.Expand
Bank Patronage Factors of Muslim and Non‐Muslim Customers
A fiercer level of competition is becoming the most influential factor in the structure and activities of the banking system around the globe. Banks are competing not only with themselves, but alsoExpand
Consumer Choice Criteria in Retail Bank Selection
Consumers do not select their main bank in a particularly conscious fashion; results of a survey of 558 Swedish bank customers and 53 bank branch managers indicated that for a third of respondentsExpand
Determinants of Choice Criteria in Malaysia Retail Banking: An Analysis of Gender Based Choice Decisions
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