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Bangla automatic number plate recognition system using artificial neural network

  title={Bangla automatic number plate recognition system using artificial neural network},
  author={M. A. Joarder and K. Mahmud and Ahmed Tasnuva and M. Kawser and B. Ahamed},
Bangla Digital Number Plate Recognition using Template Matching for Higher Accuracy and Less Time Complexity
The proposed method of Bangla number plate recognition is more effective to extract the license plate region, the recognition rate and time required is also improved then some other studies done earlier. Expand
Bangla License Plate Detection, Recognition and Authentication with Morphological Process and Template Matching
In Bangladesh, Bangla license plates are Retro Reflective having two lines with alphabets, words and digits. In this paper a method is proposed to detect, extract, recognize and authenticate BanglaExpand
License Plate Detection and Recognition System based on Morphological Approach and Feed-Forward Neural Network
License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a mass superintending system that captures the image of vehicles and recognizes their license number. There has been a little of work done on Bangla license plateExpand
Nigerian Vehicle License Plate Recognition System using Artificial Neural Network
Results showed that plates without blur and stain were most accurately extracted and recognized while satisfactory results were also obtained for the others. Expand
Nigerian Vehicle License Plate Recognition System using Artificial Neural Network
In this paper, a development of Nigeria Vehicle License Plate Recognition (NVLPR) system using artificial neural network is done. Vehicle License Plate Recognition (VLPR) is a special form of opticalExpand
Automatic License Plate Recognition System for Bangla License Plates using Convolutional Neural Network
An automatic license plate recognition system that can detect and recognize Bangla license plates from an image of vehicles and uses a convolutional neural network model for this. Expand
License plate detection and character recognition system for commercial vehicles based on morphological approach and template matching
Though license plate detection and recognition system has a lot of applications but a very little work has been done on Bangla license plate recognition. Variations among the license plate patternsExpand
An automated system to detect and recognize vehicle license plates of Bangladesh
An automated system to detect and recognize Retro Reflective license plates in Bangladesh using two different Convolutional Neural Network to classify digits and letters and Tesseract OCR for district names is presented. Expand
An Automatic Traffic Rules Violation Detection and Number Plate Recognition System for Bangladesh
This research proposes a digitalized traffic controlling system in Bangladesh that consists of two major parts which are traffic rules violation detection and number plate recognition which is based on machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision technology. Expand
Bangla license plate reader for metropolitan cities of Bangladesh using template matching
A simple algorithm for license plate reader for metropolitan cities in Bangladesh has been proposed in this paper. We have made use of a feature of Bangla script called “Matra” which joins theExpand


Automatic License Plate Recognition System Based on Color Image Processing
The experiment performed by program based on aforementioned algorithms indicates that the LPR system based on color image processing is quite quick and accurate. Expand
Learning-based approach for license plate recognition
  • K. K. Kim, K. Kim, J. Kim, H. Kim
  • Computer Science
  • Neural Networks for Signal Processing X. Proceedings of the 2000 IEEE Signal Processing Society Workshop (Cat. No.00TH8501)
  • 2000
Presents a learning-based approach for the construction of a license-plate recognition system that has shown the following performances on average: car detection rate 100%, segmentation rate 97.5%, and character recognition rate about 97.2%. Expand
License Plate Character Segmentation Based on the Gabor Transform and Vector Quantization
A novel algorithm for license plate detection and license plate character segmentation problems by using the Gabor transform in detection and local vector quantization in segmentation is presented. Expand
Building an Automatic Vehicle License-Plate Recognition System
detection module, we propose an efficient boundary line-based method combining the Hough transform and Contour algorithm. This method optimizes speed and accuracy in processing images taken fromExpand
An efficient method of license plate location
A real time and robust method of license plate location that first extracts out the vertical edges of the car image using image enhancement and Sobel operator, then removes most of the background and noise edges by an effective algorithm, and finally searches the plate region by a rectangle window in the residual edge image. Expand
Color Texture-Based Object Detection: An Application to License Plate Localization
A novel color texture-based method for object detection in images that produces robust and efficient LP detection as time-consuming color texture analyses for less relevant pixels are restricted, leaving only a small part of the input image to be analyzed. Expand
Vector quantization for license-plate location and image coding
A novel method based on vector quantization (VQ) to process vehicle images that makes it possible to perform superior picture compression for archival purposes and to support effective location at the same time. Expand