Bandwidth Potential of Cascode HBT-Based TWAs as a Function of Transistor ${ f} _{\max} /{ f} _{ T}$ Ratio

  title={Bandwidth Potential of Cascode HBT-Based TWAs as a Function of Transistor \$\{ f\} _\{\max\} /\{ f\} _\{ T\}\$ Ratio},
  author={Chafik Meliani and Matthias Rudolph and Ralf D{\"o}rner and Wolfgang Heinrich},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques},
The bandwidth potential of cascode HBT-based broadband amplifiers following the traveling-wave amplifier (TWA) concept is studied. An approximate expression for the gain of the circuit is derived, which is based on the transistor small-signal model and the artificial transmission-line parameters. In this way, a relation between the HBT cutoff frequencies f<sub>T</sub> and f<sub>max</sub> and the 3-dB cutoff frequency f<sub>c</sub> of the amplifier is obtained. This is very useful for assessing… CONTINUE READING


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