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Bandwidth-Eicient Transaction Relay in Bitcoin

  title={Bandwidth-Eicient Transaction Relay in Bitcoin},
  author={G. Naumenko and Gregory Maxwell and Pieter Wuille and S. Fedorova and Ivan Beschastnikh},
  • G. Naumenko, Gregory Maxwell, +2 authors Ivan Beschastnikh
  • Published 2019
  • Bitcoin is a top-ranked cryptocurrency that has experienced huge growth and survived numerous aŠacks. Œe protocols making up Bitcoin must therefore accommodate the growth of the network and ensure security. Security of the Bitcoin network depends on connectivity between the nodes. Higher connectivity yields beŠer security. In this paper we make two observations: (1) current connectivity in the Bitcoin network is too low for optimal security; (2) at the same time, increasing connectivity will… CONTINUE READING
    Ant Routing scalability for the Lightning Network


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