Bandwidth Constrained NP-Complete Problems

  title={Bandwidth Constrained NP-Complete Problems},
  author={Burkhard Monien and Ivan Hal Sudborough},
Bandwidth restrictions are considered on several NP-Complete problems, including the following problems: (1) 3-Satisfiability, (2) Independent Set and Vertex Cover, (3) Simple Max Cut (4) Partition into Triangles, (5) 3-Dimensional Matching, (6) Exact Cover by 3 Sets, (7) Dominating Set, (8) Graph Grundy Numbering (for graphs of finite degree), (9) 3-Colorability, (10) Directed and Undirected Hamiltonian Circuit, (11) Bandwidth Minimization, and (12) Feedback Vertex Set and Feedback… CONTINUE READING
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