Band engineered epitaxial 3D GaN-InGaN core-shell rod arrays as an advanced photoanode for visible-light-driven water splitting.

  title={Band engineered epitaxial 3D GaN-InGaN core-shell rod arrays as an advanced photoanode for visible-light-driven water splitting.},
  author={Lorenzo Caccamo and Jana Hartmann and Cristian F{\`a}brega and S{\'o}nia Estrad{\'e} and Gerhard Lilienkamp and Joan Daniel Prades and Martin Hoffmann and Johannes Ledig and Alexander Wagner and Xue Tao Wang and Llu{\'i}s L{\'o}pez-Conesa and Francesca Peir{\'o} and Jos{\'e} Manuel Rebled and Hergo-Heinrich Wehmann and Winfried Daum and Hao Shen and A. Waag},
  journal={ACS applied materials & interfaces},
  volume={6 4},
3D single-crystalline, well-aligned GaN-InGaN rod arrays are fabricated by selective area growth (SAG) metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) for visible-light water splitting. Epitaxial InGaN layer grows successfully on 3D GaN rods to minimize defects within the GaN-InGaN heterojunctions. The indium concentration (In ∼ 0.30 ± 0.04) is rather homogeneous in InGaN shells along the radial and longitudinal directions. The growing strategy allows us to tune the band gap of the InGaN layer in… CONTINUE READING


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