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Band-Reconfigurable High-Efficiency Power Amplifier -900 MHz/1900 MHz Dual-Band PA Using MEMS Switches-

  title={Band-Reconfigurable High-Efficiency Power Amplifier -900 MHz/1900 MHz Dual-Band PA Using MEMS Switches-},
  author={Hiroshi Okazaki and Atsushi Fukuda and Shoichi Narahashi},

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An Evaluation on Characteristics of Switches for a Band-switchable Power Amplifier
  • Proc. of IEICE Society Conference 2004, C-2-8, 2004-03 (in Japanese).
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Novel 900 MHz/1.9 GHz dual-mode power amplifier employing MEMS switches for optimum matching
A novel scheme is proposed for a compact band-switchable power amplifier that employs Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) switches in a matching network (MN). According to the on/off status, the
Rebeiz: RF MEMS Theory, Design, and Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey
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A single-chip quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) direct-conversion GSM/GPRS RF transceiver with integrated VCOs and fractional-N synthesizer
A monolithic IC has been designed which integrates all the active RF functions of a quad band GSM handset except for the power amplifier. A direct-conversion receiver (900 MHz, NF 3.0 dB, IIP2 +65
Development and Packaging of RF MEMS Series Switch
  • 2002 APMC Workshops. Dig., Kyoto, Japan, pp. 266–272, Nov. 2002. DC: Direct Current FET: Field Effect Transistor FOMA: Freedom Of Mobile multimedia Access MEMS: Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems MN: Matching Network MS: Mobile Station PA: Power Amplifier PAE: Power Added Efficiency PAN: Personal Area
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A monolithic MEMS switched dual-path power amplifier
RF MEMS switches have been successfully integrated with HEMT MMIC circuits on a GaAs substrate to construct a dual-path power amplifier at X-band. The amplifier uses two MEMS switches at the input to