Band 3, an accidental flippase for anionic phospholipids?

  title={Band 3, an accidental flippase for anionic phospholipids?},
  author={A Vondenhof and A. Oslender and Bernhard Deuticke and Cees W. M. Haest},
  volume={33 15},
The inward translocation of the monovalent anionic phospholipid 1-palmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphomethanol in the membrane of human erythrocytes is a fast process (t/2 = 11 min, 37 degrees C). Translocation of the protonated uncharged phospholipid is not responsible for the fast flip rate, and mediation of translocation by the aminophospholipid flippase could be excluded. Involvement of the anion exchanger band 3 in this process was derived from its inhibition (40-70%) by several established… CONTINUE READING