Banach spaces of universal disposition

  title={Banach spaces of universal disposition},
  author={Antonio Avil{\'e}s and F. Leyva Cabello and Jes{\'u}s Mar{\'i}a Fern{\'a}ndez Castillo and Manuel Jos{\'e} Gonz{\'a}lez Ortiz and Yolanda Moreno},
In this paper we present a method to obtain Banach spaces of universal and almost-universal disposition with respect to a given class M of normed spaces. The method produces, among others, the only separable Banach space of almost-universal disposition with respect to the class F of finite-dimensional spaces (Gurariĭ space G); or the only, under CH, Banach space with density character the continuum which is of universal disposition with respect to the class S of separable spaces (Kubis space K… CONTINUE READING


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