Bamboo Shoots: Composition, Nutritional Value, Therapeutic Role and Product Development for Value Addition

  title={Bamboo Shoots: Composition, Nutritional Value, Therapeutic Role and Product Development for Value Addition},
  author={Om Prakash Chauhan and Lakshmi Eroman Unni and Chitravathi Kallepalli and Srinivasa Raju Pakalapati and Harsh Vardhan Batra},
  journal={International Journal of Food and Fermentation Technology},
Bamboo shoot is an important constituent of traditional cuisine of some parts of India, particularly in North-Eastern region and is highly valued for its nutritional and health benefits due to the presence of several bio-active compounds. Raw, canned, boiled, marinated, fermented, frozen, liquid and medicinal are the several forms in which bamboo shoots are processed. However, the consumption pattern of bamboo shoots is traditional, non-standardized, seasonal and region-specific with little… 

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