Baltų kalbų žodžių tvarkos raida tipologijos požiūriu

  title={Baltų kalbų {\vz}od{\vz}ių tvarkos raida tipologijos po{\vz}iūriu},
  author={Vytautas Ambrazas},
THE DEVELOPMENT OF WORD ORDER IN BALTIC FROM A TYPOLO­GICAL VIEWPOINT Summary The inherited word order type DH, in which dependent is placed before head, has been preserved up till now in most Lithuanian and Latvian word order patterns, e.g.: GenN, AdjN, DemN, AdvV, AdvAdj, AdvAdv 1 . Historical analysis reveals the former prevalence of DH order both in the distribution of main sentence components (SOV) and in the comparative clauses (StComp). On the other hand, a tendency to place head before… Expand