Balo's concentric demyelination diagnosed premortem

  title={Balo's concentric demyelination diagnosed premortem},
  author={James Y. Garbern and Alexander M. Spence and Ellsworth C. Alvord},
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We report the first antemortem diagnosis of a lesion showing Balo's concentric sclerosis. A patient with a progressive left hemiparesis had a ring-enhancing, low-density right frontal white matter lesion. On myelin stains of a needle biopsy, alternating demyelinated and myelinated zones in the white matter were diagnostic of concentric sclerosis. The patient improved with prednisone therapy, but relapsed temporarily 15 months later. CT and MRI showed additional lesions, but no features unique… 
Balo's concentric sclerosis diagnosed intravitam on brain biopsy
A 28-year-old woman presented with acute right hemiparesis evolving to bilateral hemiplegia and a mute state within 1 week on a background of paranoid psychosis of 8 years duration and Steroid therapy produced a gratifying and sustained improvement.
MRI features of Balo's concentric sclerosis.
MRI findings in a 56-year-old woman with Balo's concentric sclerosis (BCS) who initially presented with a progressive hemiparesis demonstrated that BCS can run a benign prolonged course and may persist for a long time.
Baló's concentric sclerosis: clinical and radiologic features of five cases.
A case report supports the concept that BCS may be a self-limited disease that is not always fatal, and characteristic MR imaging findings may allow antemortem diagnosis of BCS when performed at the onset of the disease.
Balò's concentric sclerosis: MRI
MRI showed a striking feature, reminiscent of histopathology of Balò's concentric sclerosis, and played an important role in antemortem diagnosis of this rare demyelinating disease.
MRI study of Baló's concentric sclerosis before and after immunosuppressive therapy
This is the first reported case of ante-mortem diagnosis based solely on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings of Baló's concentric sclerosis in a 39-year-old male.
Multifocal Balo's Concentric Sclerosis in Children: Report of a Case and Review of Literature
A case of 10 year old child with BCS who presented as post infectious acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) is reported, which is asymptomatic and had no relapse after 6 years of follow-up.
Serial MRI studies in pathologically verified Balò's concentric sclerosis.
It is found that MRI could show the striking feature reminiscent of the histopathologic findings of Balò's concentric sclerosis and played an important role in antemortem diagnosis of this rare demyelinating disease.
Balo's Concentric Sclerosis in a Young Female Patient: Case Report and Review of the Literature
The case of 29 years old female that developed acute neurological deficits consisting of dysesthesia and paresthesias localized in the right half of the face and right limbs is presented, for which the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using contrast substance revealed multiple lesions with T2 hyperand isointense concentric whorled lesions.
Pseudotumoral demyelination: a diagnosis pitfall (report of three cases)
This work reports three cases of pseudotumoral demyelinating disorders having required a stereotaxic biopsy, one of which was erroneously diagnosed as a malignant astrocytoma.
Balo’s concentric sclerosis in a patient with spontaneous remission based on magnetic resonance imaging: A case report and review of literature
The neurological lesion of the patient was similar to the magnetic resonance imaging and clinical findings of the BCS and a mass lesion with concentric rings adjacent to the left lateral ventricle and the posterior portion of the corpus callosum with peripheral vasogenic edema was presented.


Balo's concentric sclerosis: New observations on lesion development
The occurrence of small foci of acute demyelination centered on perivascular cuffs and other changes typical of both acute and chronic active multiple sclerosis may indicate that the lesion of Balo's concentric sclerosis represents an intermediate stage in the development of an established multiple sclerosis lesion.
Sclérose concentrique de Baló
The present case seems to be the first one with CT scan examination and electron microscopic study of a brain biopsy of the Balo type, and the nosological situation of Balo's disease among the inflammatory demyelinating diseases of the group of MS is discussed.
The heredofamilial or endogenous diseases of the central nervous system are characterized by germ layer selectivity, system selectivity and segment selectivity (Schaffer). 1 The exogenous diseases of
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging in multiple sclerosis.
Ten patients with definite multiple sclerosis underwent hydrogen nuclear magnetic resonance imaging with a 3.5 kilogauss superconducting magnet, using the inversion recovery and spin-echo techniques of signal acquisition, and each demonstrated more extensive abnormalities than did computed tomography.
Conjugal multiple sclerosis with autopsy findings in the daughter
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